Welcome to the HRT Wiki!

This is currently a major work in progress, and is an attempt to merge various spread out sources into a central wiki. It's running the Mycorrhiza Wiki engine. It's community run, and open to contributions!

How To Use

Note: We currently only have transfem resources, but are planning on adding transmasc ones at some point as well!

If you are new to HRT, and wanting to learn the basics, see if it's right for you, and maybe do it yourself, there's the Basic Transfeminine Guide to start you off.

The Glossary may also be useful for learning frequently-used terms.

How To Contribute

Thanks for wanting to help contribute!
You'll want to register an account first, before you can edit anything.

Then you should be able to edit and create pages (or "hyphae" as Mycorrhiza calls them).

Please see the Contribution Guidelines first however.